Must Have Toddler Pool Essentials

Must Have Pool Essentials For Toddlers | Everywhere with Ella

Must Have Toddler Pool Essentials

It’s hot, the sun is shining and it’s officially summer! Ella and I love to beat the heat by spending our days by the pool. But just like anything else with a toddler, spending the day at the pool requires a certain level of planning. I’ve had so many people ask me about my must have toddler pool essentials as well as Ella’s adorable swimwear. So I’m listing them all here for you!  Here are my Must Have Toddler Pool Essentials:

Swim Suit

When shopping for a toddler swim suit I suggest purchasing one that is fully lined and has built in SPF. A swim suit with built in SPF is a toddler pool essential because it ensures your little one is protected from the sun. I’ve linked Ella’s super cute swim suit as well as similar toddler swim suits we love!

Minnie Mouse Disney Baby Bathing Suit Everywhere with Ella

$30 | BUY IT

Pool Hat

I cannot stress enough how important it is to purchase a pool hat for your toddler! Pool hats are toddler pool essentials because they protect your little ones eyes, face and scalp from the sun. I suggest purchasing a wide brim hat with a chin strap and built in SPF protection. I’ve linked Ella’s pool hat as well as some of our favorite pool hats below.

Minnie Mouse Disney Baby Swim Hat Everywhere with Ella

$18 | BUY IT

Swim Shoes

The ground can get super hot during the summer so swim shoes are so crucial for sunny days by the pool. Keep your toddler’s feet safe and clean with some swim shoes! When purchasing your toddler’s swim shoes be sure to purchase shoes with textured, non-slip soles.

Swim Shoes | Toddler Pool Essentials | Everywhere with Ella

$25 | BUY IT

Swim Suit Cover Up

Swim suit cover ups are so cute and convenient for trips to the pool. I love having a swim suit cover up to throw on Ella to help dry her off after she’s done swimming. I always suggest buying a soft, comfy toddler cover up made from towel-like material.

Swim Suit Cover Up | Toddler Pool Essentials | Everywhere with Ella

$25 | BUY IT


Not only are sunglasses so cute they are also toddler pool essentials! The sun can be stronger and brighter than we realize, especially for toddlers. Sunglasses are awesome for days at the pool because they help protect your toddlers eyes from the sun. Polarized sunglasses are always our top choice!

Sunglasses | Toddler Pool Essentials | Everywhere with Ella

$12 | BUY IT

Swim Diapers

Swim Diapers are an absolute toddler pool ESSENTIAL! Your toddler needs to wear a swim diaper while at the pool. There are two types of swim diapers: disposable and cloth swim diapers. I personally like to put Ella in both by layering a cloth diaper on top of a disposable diaper. I linked our favorite disposable swim diapers as well as cute cloth swim diapers for you below.

Swim Diapers | Toddler Pool Essentials | Everywhere with Ella

$12 | BUY IT

Life Vest

Safety always comes first when at the pool and life vests are toddler pool essentials! There are so many different types of life vests to choose from depending on your toddler’s age and weight. When purchasing a life vest for your child make sure to pay attention to the weight requirements to make sure you’re choosing the safest life vest for you!

Life Vest | Toddler Pool Essentials | Everywhere with Ella

$20 | BUY IT


Your toddler needs to be wearing sunscreen at the pool! I always use at least 50 SPF sunscreen on Ella and touch up regularly. I love using all natural sunscreens on both Ella and myself because they are so much better for your skin.

Sun screen | Toddler Pool Essentials | Everywhere with Ella

$18 | BUY IT

Pool Toys

Pool toys can make a day at the pool so much more fun! Ella absolutely loves playing with toys at the pool. It’s so cute to watch her using her imagination while playing at the pool. Some of Ella’s favorite pool toys are her mermaids, squirt toys, and rubber pool toys!

Pool Toys | Toddler Pool Essentials | Everywhere with Ella

$20 | BUY IT

Pool Towel

I love pool towels! I’m actually a bit of a pool towel collector and I love buying new pool towels each year. My favorite pool towel styles are large, colorful and soft! This year I let Ella pick out her own personalized pool towel. I’ve linked Ella’s adorable pool towel as well as similar styles.

Pool Towel | Toddler Pool Essentials | Everywhere with Ella

$24 | BUY IT

Pool Bag

Last but not least you need a cute pool bag to carry all of your toddler pool essentials in! It’s a good idea to get a large bag with many pockets and compartments to organize all of your belongings. I’ve linked my current pool bag a long with similar styles below.

Pool Bag | Toddler Pool Essentials | Everywhere with Ella

$27 | BUY IT

Have any Must Have Toddler Pool Essentials you want to add to the list? Please share them in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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