Helpful Tips For Surviving Temper Tantrums

Helpful Tips For Surviving Temper Tantrums | Everywhere with Ella

Helpful Tips For Surviving Temper Tantrums

Every mom knows that temper tantrums can be super difficult to deal with. Our toddlers are experiencing a bunch of new emotions that they don’t know what to do with. Toddlers often throw temper tantrums over the simplest things. For example, in the photo above I told Ella she couldn’t go on stage with the performers at Disney World. Apparently she had a lot of feelings about that LOL. Here are some Helpful Tips For Surviving Temper Tantrums:

Stay Calm and Keep Your Cool

Remembering to keep your cool while your toddler is having a full blown temper tantrum is so so important. Between the screaming, the tears, the flailing of arms and legs.. ugh it can be so difficult! From my experience staying calm during my daughters temper tantrums helps so much to calm the situation. Take a few deep breaths and remember this tantrum too shall pass.

Ignore Them

Ignoring a toddler during their temper tantrum is really a helpful tip for ending it quickly. I find when my daughter starts having a temper tantrum it’s usually because she is looking for some form of attention.  By not giving her the negative attention she is seeking I am not feeding into her temper tantrum. This usually discourages her from continuing her behavior.

Use a Calm Voice

No matter how loud your toddler gets during their temper tantrum, make sure you respond in a soft, calm voice. By keeping your voice low you are encouraging them to lower theirs as well. I find when I whisper to my daughter during her temper tantrums she will often stop what she’s doing so she can hear what I’m saying.

Remove Child From Situation

This tip is super important for those unfortunate times when your toddler throws a temper tantrum in public. I can’t tell you how many times I have literally walked away from a shopping cart to remove my daughter from the situation. Public temper tantrums are much more difficult to defuse so leaving all together is sometimes the best choice.

Create a Positive Distraction

Toddler’s can be pretty easily distracted so its a good idea to use this to your advantage during a temper tantrum. I always have snacks and little toys on hand to offer Ella and it works out great for when she is having on of her moments. Creating a positive distraction for them during their temper tantrum is super helpful because it takes their mind off of what is upsetting them in that moment.

Communicate and Listen

When toddlers are having a temper tantrum it’s usually because they don’t know how to deal with the emotions they are experiencing. An excellent tip for surviving temper tantrums is to communicate with your little one. Calmly let them know you hear them and that you understand that they are upset. When your toddler’s temper tantrum calms down, ask them to explain their feelings to you. Not only is this a great tip for surviving temper tantrums but it could also help prevent them in the future.

Good luck mamas! Have any tips for surviving temper tantrums that you would like to share? Please leave them in the comments below. Thanks so much for reading!

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