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Tips for Road Trips With Your Baby or Toddler

Planning a road trip with your baby or toddler can be overwhelming. There are so many extra things to consider when you have a little one on board. But, with a little planning and preparation your road trip will be smooth and enjoyable. Here are my helpful tips for road trips with your baby or toddler:

Drive at Night

Spending hours in the car can be tough for anyone, especially for babies and toddlers. The most helpful tip for taking a road trip with your baby or toddler is to drive at night. By doing a majority of your driving at night you are cutting down on your child’s travel time. When they are sleeping they won’t realize how much time they are spending in the car. I have taken daytime road trips and nighttime road trips with my daughter and nighttime road trips go much smoother.

Plan Your Stops

You may be able to tough it out and drive straight through to your destination, but your little one can’t. A helpful tip for taking a road trip with your baby or toddler is to plan your stops. I try to stop once every two or three hours with my daughter to check her diaper and stretch our legs. A great way to plan these stops is to know your route before you leave for the trip. Choose the locations you want to stop at and plan to add these breaks into your travel time. Even if it’s a short five minute stop, these breaks are so helpful for your little one.

Bring Snacks

Snacks are a great way to keep your baby or toddler content during a long road trip. Pack a small lunch box of on-the-go snacks for your little one to enjoy. It’s good to have a variety of snacks available so you can switch it up throughout the road trip. When my daughter becomes restless during the long trip having a snack to offer to her usually helps keep her happy for a little while longer.

Play Music

Playing music your child enjoys throughout the road trip is an excellent way to keep them happy. It is a great idea to create a playlist or two of your little one’s favorite songs prior to the road trip. Ella gets so excited when I play her favorite songs in the car. I have two road trip playlists for Ella, one is our favorite Disney songs and another is her favorite children’s songs. It is nice to have a couple playlist options so things don’t get too repetitive.

Bring Toys

It is so important to have a variety of entertainment options to offer your child during the road trip. A helpful tip for taking a road trip with your baby or toddler is to pack an organized bag of toys for them to play with. I like to bring a bag that includes some of her favorite toys as well as some new toys purchased for the trip. It is smart to offer your child only one toy at a time so once they get bored with one toy you have others to offer them.

Keep Them Comfortable

It is important to keep your little one comfortable during a long road trip. Dress your baby or toddler in pajamas or comfy clothes. Let your little one wear only socks while they are in the car. Bring some of their favorite comfort items such as blankies, stuffed animals or binkies for the trip. Your child will be much happier traveling long hours in the car if they are comfortable.

Watch a Movie

Having your little one’s favorite movie available to watch during the trip is an amazing way to keep them content during a long road trip. Download a couple of your baby or toddlers favorite movies to your tablet or phone prior to the trip. WiFi usually isn’t available in the car so plan on doing this before you leave. Netflix is another great option for your road trip because you can download and save shows right through the app.

Thank you for reading my Helpful Tips for Road Trips with your Baby or Toddler. I hope these helpful tips have made you feel more prepared for your upcoming trip. If you have any additional tips you would like to share please leave them in the comments below.

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