Ella’s First Trip to Fenway Park

When I was 5 years old my dad took me to my first Red Sox game at Fenway Park. I can still remember walking down Yawkey Way for the first time, sitting in the old wooden seats and listening to the excitement of the crowd. I’ve been in love ever since. During our recent trip to Boston I was blessed with the opportunity to take Ella to Fenway for the first time. It was such a special experience for the both of us.

Fenway Park Tour

Ella is still too young for a Redsox game, so I decided to take her on a tour of Fenway Park instead. Fenway Park offers tours to the public that last about an hour. During the tour you have a guide who walks you through the park and teaches the history of Major League Baseball’s oldest active ballpark. The atmosphere at Fenway Park is like no other! You can feel the history in the air. Ella was in awe as we explored each section of the ballpark. Even though she’s too young to understand the historical aspect of Fenway, I could tell she knew it was a special place! Even if you aren’t a Redsox fan, the tour of Fenway is an incredible experience that I highly recommend to anyone visiting Boston.

Yawkey Way

After the tour we walked around the outside of Fenway Park. Ella loved visiting Yawkey Way! On game days Yawkey Way is a big outdoor party with music, vendors and some pretty awesome food. There wasn’t a game this day so Yawkey Way was quiet. It actually worked out great because and Ella was able to get out of her stroller and walk around on her own. Ella enjoys things so much more when she gets experience them independently. She had the biggest smile on her face as she stopped to explore everything she saw. It was so sweet to see her enjoying something that is so dear to my heart. She really loved our visit to Fenway Park and I can’t wait to take her back for a game when she’s a bit older.

We ended our day with delicious fish and chips at Cask’n Flagon across the street from Fenway. Ella was so tired from our day filled with fun that she fell asleep before the food even came out. We had such an incredible day at Fenway Park. I feel so lucky to have shared this day with Ella. Thank you for reading!

10 thoughts on “Ella’s First Trip to Fenway Park

  1. I’m loving your blog girl! You and your daughter are so cute I love following your life together… keep it up mama!

  2. What a sweet memory you have made for her! Great job, mom. Your little girl is so precious, and it’s great that you’re taking special time and savoring the moments with her. God bless.

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