Our Trip to Boston

I was born and raised in Massachusetts and so many of my fondest childhood memories were made in the city of Boston. It has been a dream of mine to take Ella on a trip to Boston since before she was even born. We were blessed with the opportunity to spend some time in my favorite city this past week and I’m so excited to share the highlights of our trip with you.

Where We Stayed:

The Boston Harbor Hotel

The Boston Harbor Hotel is located on Rowes Wharf and offers the most beautiful view of both the city-scape and the Boston harbor. The hotel itself is incredible, it is so luxurious! The staff were so friendly and helpful throughout our entire stay. Traveling alone with a toddler can be tricky at times so I can’t even begin to express how much we appreciated them! One of the things we really loved about staying at the Boston Harbor Hotel was that it was walking distance to just about everything. We really enjoyed being able to walk through the city to each of our destinations, it was one of the highlights of our trip!

Our Room

We stayed in the Deluxe Room overlooking the city-scape. The room had an open floorplan that included a large living space and king sized bed. Ella made herself right at home. I was so happy to see that she was super comfortable here!  As you can see, she really loved the bed! She must have passed out within 10 minutes of laying down, which is very fast for her! We really enjoyed our stay at the Boston Harbor Hotel.

Where We Ate:

Rowe’s Wharf Sea Grille

We decided to have dinner at The Rowe’s Wharf Sea Grille. It was a great choice for us because it was actually located in our hotel. The dining staff were just as amazing as the rest of the staff at the Boston Harbor Hotel. The menu offered a wide variety of meal choices including an excellent children’s menu. I had the 8oz Filet Mignon with a side of sautéed mushrooms and onions. Ella had a grilled cheese with a side of French fries. We really enjoyed our meal. We also loved the beautiful view of the Boston Harbor from our table.

What We Did:

Faneuil Hall 

Faneuil Hall is a large indoor and outdoor marketplace located near the waterfront and Boston’s Government Center. It is a cool place to check out different shops and local foods. I had been here many times as a kid and always really enjoyed the atmosphere and just walking around. Faneuil Hall was about a 5 minute walk from the Boston Harbor Hotel so we decided to spend sometime there one evening. Of course Ella found the street performer right away and really enjoyed dancing to the music. It was a nice area to let her explore and run around.

What We Did:

Public Garden and Boston Common

Boston Common and Boston’s Public Garden are home to some of my favorite childhood memories. I can remember visiting the city with my mom and my grandma as a kid. It actually gave me chills to bring Ella here. It was really cool to see her enjoying a place I loved so much growing up. I have been reading the children’s book Make Way For the Ducklings to her since she was a newborn preparing for this day. I swear I almost cried when she ran up to the ducklings and looked back at me and said “quack, quack, quack!” She would walk up and down the line of ducklings checking each of them out. This was real full circle moment for me and I loved so much that I got to share this special moment with Ella.

Ella and I really had the most amazing trip to Boston this past week. There was one more stop on our journey through the city that I’m so excited to share with you! Thanks so much for reading!


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  1. Hi hun how are you? I’m subscribed to your blog and love reading your posts. I’m Kristine from kristinesblog.com I wanted to ask you something: when I get emails about your new blog posts I can see the whole post in the email body, but when I post something and get it on my email it only shows the small part of the post. Can you please tell me how you do this? I’m struggling to find it on WordPress 🙂 Thanks so much! Happy Easter 🙏❤️ Kristine

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  2. Hey Kristine, Happy Easter! Have you tried subscribing to your own blog using a different email address to see how it comes through? It might send notifications differently to an email different than the one you have registered to wordpress.

  3. Hello, A nice post. I may have passed you folks on the Common, I’m living in Jamaica Plain, but walk through the park most weekends. I’m not a Bostonian by birth, but I’ve been living here about four months and love it.

  4. Aww, it looked like you guys had a great time. Your daughter is such a cute little nugget. I live in Boston and I used to work in the seaport. It’s such a beautiful area of Boston! 🤗

  5. I’ve been to Boston once, I remember it was winter and I had never seen so much snow in my life, I was 16 or so. Beautiful city, beutiful pictures and you have a beautiful little “monster” she looks like you. (I call all kids little monsters). Although I didn’t have the luxury to stay in a hotel like that, I think if I stood in a room like that with those views I might not even go out. And the stake…now I’m hungry. Anyways, glad you stumbled upon my crazy little blog, nice meeting you.

  6. Great pics. I grew up in Winchester and fondly remember my Dad taking me into Boston via the train to North Station. Faneuil Hall was a favorite of mine also. Back then (the 40’s) farmers still came to market with horse drawn carts which they backed up to the sidewalk and women sold paper shopping bags on the corner. Memories

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