Charcoal Teeth Whitening with Avistar

Charcoal Teeth Whitening with Avistar

Charcoal Teeth Whitening with Avistar

Having a bright and healthy smile is something that is super important to me. As I’ve gotten older (and consumed more coffee and wine) it’s become harder for me to keep my teeth as white as I would like them to be. I’ve tried many different teeth whitening systems over the years and I’m so excited to share my favorite products with you today: Natural Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder and Natural Activated Charcoal Mouthwash by Avistar!

Avistar Charcoal Teeth Whitening

Everything I Love About Avistar

Avistar has done so much for my smile and self confidence. My smile is so much brighter and my overall oral health has improved tremendously. The results I have seen from using Avistar’s Natural Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder and Natural Activated Charcoal Mouthwash are incredible! Not only are these teeth whitening products amazing, but so is the Avistar company! Here is everything I love about Avistar:

  1. All Natural Ingredients: Who wants to put harsh chemicals, bleach or fluoride in their mouth? Not meAvistar uses only high quality, all natural ingredients in their products. Organic coconut activated charcoal, high quality essential oils and sodium bicarbonate help to whiten your smile the natural way!
  2. Cruelty Free: Friends, it is 2018 and there is never an excuse to test on animals. One of the things I love so much about Avistar is they are cruelty free! Avistar believes animals are for petting not testing and will never test their products on animals.
  3. Kid Friendly: As a mother I am always worried about my daughter getting into my beauty and healthcare products. Avistar’s Charcoal Mouthwash is free from harsh chemicals, fluoride free and bleach free so they are completely safe for children. Avistar’s all natural ingredients make it a great first mouthwash choice for your kids.
  • Natural Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder

    Natural Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder

    Avistar’s Natural Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder is my go to oral health care product. Not only does this teeth whitening powder give you the most beautiful smile, but it also strengthens your teeth and gums in the process. Unlike many teeth whitening products on the market, Avistar’s  Natural Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder contains only all natural ingredients! The Natural Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder uses activated coconut charcoal to gently pull stains from even the most sensitive teeth. I use my Natural Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder 1-2x per day. The powder is super gentle and leaves my teeth feeling so clean and refreshed.

    Avistar Natural Charcoal Activated Mouthwash

    Natural Activated Charcoal Mouthwash

    Avistar’s Natural Activated Charcoal Mouthwash is by far the best mouthwash I have ever used. I cannot say enough about how amazing this stuff is! The mouthwash uses high quality essential oils to purify, detoxify and freshen your breath naturally. This is the first mouthwash ever to include activated charcoal as an ingredient so the mouthwash whitens your teeth while freshening your breath! How awesome is that?! I love to pair this product  with my charcoal teeth whitening powder for an extra bright smile.

    I highly recommend Avistar Natural Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder and Natural Activated Charcoal Mouthwash to anyone looking to whiten their teeth in a healthy, natural way! I would love to hear about your experience with Avistar so please share them in the comments below. Thanks so much for reading!

  • Self Care Ideas for Moms

    Self Care Ideas for Moms | Practical Tips for adding Self Care to your busy life | Everywhere with Ella

    Self Care Ideas for Moms

    As mothers, we are often so busy taking care of our children that we forget to take care of ourselves. Life becomes a never ending cycle of diaper changes, preparing meals, bed time routines and everything that comes in between. It’s so easy to lose yourself in the process and completely burn out! That is why it is so important for moms to add self care into their daily routines. There are so many simple ways you can add self care into your life. Here are my favorite Self Care Ideas for Moms:

    Early Morning Coffee

    Believe it or not, mornings have become one of my favorite times of the day because of this simple self care technique! Waking up a little early for coffee in the morning makes such a huge difference for me. I like to set my alarm for at least 30 minutes before Ella wakes up so I can relax and enjoy my morning coffee. It is so nice to start off my day with some quiet time and it really helps to set a positive tone for the rest of the day.

    Make Mom Friends

    No one understands your crazy, beautiful mess of a life quite like another mom does so making mom friends is so important. Not only is it so awesome for your little one to have friends their age, but it’s so beneficial for mama as well. Having mom friends makes simple things like going to the playground or hanging out at home way more fun. There are so many different ways to meet other moms and all of us would love to meet a new friend.


    Exercising is an excellent self care practice to add into your life. I work out every day and it has become a routine that I really enjoy. Exercising has done so much for me both physically and mentally. Many gyms offer child care which makes going to the gym fun for your little one as well. If you aren’t able to make it to the gym, there are so many work out routines you can do from home. Follow me on Pinterest for all of favorite work out routines!

    Make Time for Your Hobbies

    One of the first things we give up when we become mothers are our hobbies. Making time for hobbies is amazing for self care because you are allowing yourself to do something you enjoy. If you like to cook, then make time to try a new recipe. If you like to paint, then make time to paint! If you don’t have a hobby, that’s totally fine it’s never too late to try something new! Just make time to do something that makes you happy.

    Look Your Best Everyday

    Before I became a mom I would do my make up and get ready every morning. I wouldn’t leave the house unless I looked my best. I didn’t do this to impress others, I did it for myself! It’s so easy to get busy and decide to just stay in lazy clothes all day. This became a bad habit for me. A great way to get out of a bad habit is to replace it with a positive one. I’ve made my habit “wake up and make up.” That doesn’t mean you have to go full glam, a little concealer, mascara and lip gloss go a long way for your self confidence. When you look your best, you feel your best!

    Find Things You Both Enjoy

    As mothers we spend a majority, if not all of our time with our children. A great way to add self care into your busy mom life is to find things both you and your littles one can enjoy together. There are so many activities you can do with your kids that are fun for you as well. Instead of just going to the playground all the time, switch it up and check out a local museum! Try a mommy and me yoga class. Take your little ones to the zoo or a concert. It’s exciting to try new things and see new places.. there are so many options that can make your daily routine more fun.

    Relax Before Bedtime

    Take an hour for yourself after the little ones go to bed. I made a rule very early on that when I am having my me time there is no laundry or chores allowed! My favorite thing to do in the evening is to relax and catch up on the newest episode of my favorite show, and if I’m feeling crazy sometimes I’ll even have a glass of wine!

    Practicing self care as a mom is a necessity. Not only does it benefit you, but it also benefits your children. There are so many different ways your can incorporate self care into your busy life. These are a few ideas that have worked really well in my life and I hope they can inspire you as well.

    Have any additional Self Care Ideas for Moms you would like to add? Please share them in the comments below. Thanks so much for reading!

    Garden Grill Character Dining in Disney World

    Garden Grill Disney World Character Dining | Everywhere with Ella

    Garden Grill Character Dining in Disney World

    Character Dining is a must-do during your Disney vacation, but with so little time and so many restaurants, which character dining restaurant should you choose? Luckily, Ella and I have visited each of these amazing Disney restaurants and reviewed them all so you can spend less time picking a restaurant and more time making magical memories! Here is our Disney World Character Dining Review of the Garden Grill Restaurant:

    Garden Grill Restaurant

    The Garden Grill Restaurant is an All-You-Care-To-Enjoy family style meal with character featuring Chip and Dale and their pals. The restaurant is located in Epcot in The Land Pavillion and is one of the few Disney Dining locations that features characters during breakfast, brunch and dinner. The price range for the Garden Grill is $15 to $34.99 for breakfast and lunch or $35-$59.99 for dinner. If you’re using the Disney Dining Plan, the Garden Grill uses one table service point per adult.

    Make reservations as soon as you can! The Garden Grill is very busy during all three meal periods. Reservations can be made up to 180 days in advance.

    What’s on the Menu?

    The Garden Grill is a harvest-style All-You-Care-To-Enjoy meal that serves breakfast, brunch and dinner. Some of the most popular items on the breakfast menu include Chip’s sticky bun bake, Mickey waffles, and fresh fruit. The lunch and dinner menu are equally delicious featuring pot roast, garden salad and delicious mac and cheese. I have listed some of our favorite menu items below. Visit the full Garden Grill Restaurant breakfast, lunch and dinner menus here.

    Breakfast Selections:

    Seasonal Fresh Fruits

    Warm Mickey Waffles

    Chip’s Sticky Bun Bake

    Scrambled Eggs

     Hickory-smoked Bacon and Sausage


    Lunch and Dinner Selections:

    Harvest Inspired Garden Salad

    Slow-Braised Pot Roast

    Turkey Breast

    Carved Pork

    Seasonal Vegetables

    Vegetable Pot Stickers

    Macaroni and Cheese

    Mickey Mouse Garden Grill Disney Character Dining | Everywhere with Ella

    The Character Dining Experience

    The Garden Grill Restaurant is a great place to meet some unique Disney characters. The characters featured at the Garden Grill are Chip, Dale, Mickey Mouse and Pluto. Chip and Dale and their friends will come directly to your table for a meet and greet while you enjoy your meal. Be sure to have your autograph books and cameras ready because the characters love to sign autographs and take photos during their visit. The Garden Grill character dining experience takes about 90 minutes to complete.


    The Garden Grill is a great character dining restaurant if you want to relax and enjoy a good meal. One of the things I love the most about the Garden Grill is that it is a family-style meal. Family-style is awesome because you get the All-You-Care-To-Enjoy perks of a buffet without having to leave your table! Breakfast at the Garden Grill is incredible. Thanks for reading!

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    Boston Red Sox Fenway Park Tour

    Boston Red Sox Fenway Park Tour | Fenway Park With Kids | Everywhere with Ella

    Boston Red Sox Fenway Park Tour

    Fenway Park is one of the most popular destinations for families visiting Boston. Growing up in Massachusetts, I spent a lot of time at Fenway Park and made some of my most cherished childhood memories there. Ever since I became a mom, I have been dying to take Ella on her first trip to Fenway. She was still a little young for a Red Sox game during our trip to Boston so I decided to take her on a Fenway Park tour instead! Here’s everything you need to know about taking your little ones on a Fenway Park Tour:

    Yawkey Way | Fenway Park Tour | Everywhere with Ella

    One of the best ways to experience Fenway Park with kids is by taking them on a Fenway Park tour. Tours are a great option for kids because they give your little ones the feel of Fenway without having to endure a 4 hour baseball game. Ella was one when we went on our tour and it was the perfect way for her to experience the ballpark for the first time. Fenway Park tours are offered year round and range from 15 minutes to 60 minutes in length. Ella and I went on the popular 60 minute Public Tour.

    Fenway Park Tour | Everywhere with Ella

    Our tour began down on the field where a professional photographer took our family photo. I was really excited about this because family photos are my favorite way capture special memories. All moms know that it can be super difficult to get a photo that includes everyone so it was awesome to have a professional photographer available. One of the things I love the most about the photo they took was it was dated. It is really neat to be able to look back on this photo and know exactly when it was taken.

    Fenway Park Tour | Everywhere with Ella

    After having our family photo taken we moved up the stairs where we met with our tour guide. Each tour is led by an experienced tour guide who shares the incredible history of Fenway Park! Did you know Fenway Park is Major League Baseball’s oldest active ball park? Fenway Park is over 100 years old and is actually listed on the National Register of Historic Places.. that means Fenway isn’t going anywhere! It is pretty crazy to think that the ballpark my great grandpa visited years ago will be the exact same ballpark my future great grandchildren visit!

    Fenway Park Tour | Everywhere with Ella

    As the tour guide shares the history of “America’s Most Beloved Ballpark” they take you on a walking tour of Fenway’s famous locations. Some of the most popular locations featured in the Fenway Park tour are Yawkey Way, Pesky’s Pole, the infamous “Red seat” and of course the Green Monster! It is so much fun for kids to explore the ballpark as they learn all about the history that has been made there. Ella loved being able to sit in the old wooden Fenway Park seats. It was so cute watching her look in awe at the ballpark that I love so much! One of our favorite parts of the tour was when we were able to stand on top of the Green Monster. Talk about the perfect view of Fenway Park!

    Green Monster | Fenway Park Tour | Everywhere with Ella

    Fenway Park is such a fun and exciting place for all members of the family to enjoy! Whether you are a die hard baseball fan or simply visiting the Boston area, I highly recommend adding a Fenway Park Tour to your itinerary. Thanks for reading!

    Looking for recommendations for things to do with your family in Boston? Check out our Top 5 Things To Do In Boston With Kids.